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Home Care Solutions’ services enable Clients to live happier and more fulfilling lives while remaining in the familiar surroundings of home. Services are provided to seniors who need ongoing custodial care, acute care after an accident or illness – allowing time for them to get back on their feet, respite care for families that need a temporary caregiver (3 week minimum), as well as end of life hospice care.

Our live-in Home Health Aides provide companionship and invaluable assistance in many areas as well as act as a liaison between the Client and their physician. These services are flexible and tailored to meet your individual needs. These services include:

Registered Nurse Assessment

A Registered Nurse will provide a no cost / no obligation initial clinical assessment. They will also order medication(s) as necessary and provide supervisory visits and additional clinical assessments.

Meal Preparation/ Nutrition Support

It is important that your loved one is eating properly to maintain or regain their strength and overall health. Our Home Health Aides will make sure our Clients are eating balanced meals and that their food is cooked and prepared properly.


If you are a live-in Client and wish to have our Nurses provide mediation management, they will order and set up medications every two weeks. Our Home Health Aides will offer medication reminders and administration as needed.

Personal Care / Hygiene

The Home Health Aide will help with all elements of personal care including bathing, oral hygiene, shaving, hair/ skin/ foot and nail care, as well as dressing assistance. The Home Health Aide will also assist with bowel / bladder control devices and training of proper usage.

Household Services / Laundry

A clean and organized environment is essential to healthy living. Our Home Health Aides will help with household services to maintain a safe and clean environment, as well as take care of the laundry and folding clothes and bed-making.


Not only do our Home Health Aides assist with movement around the house (from chair to bed, etc.), Home Care Solutions understands that our Clients will need and want to leave their home from time to time. Our services may include transportation when our Clients need to attend a medical appointment, a ride to and from a place of worship, etc.

Exercise / Physical Therapy

The Home Health Aide will assist with stretching, exercise, and other prescribed physical therapy programs to help after a surgery or even just to keep our Clients flexible and healthy.

Hospice, Medicare, Family Support

Home Care Solutions also has a collaborative and supportive relationship with other agencies involved in care including Medicare skilled visits, hospice care, and more. Client and family support services are also available.
Relax and know that as your loved one sinks into their favorite chair for an afternoon nap that assistance is close at hand. There is nothing like the warm feeling of being at home, whether it’s that favorite chair or the comfort of their own bed. They will enjoy fond memories with family and friends in a setting where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

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