What benefits does live-in care offer over assisted living facilities or nursing homes?
Among other benefits, Clients continue to enjoy the privacy, comfort and security of their own homes as well as a sense of independence. Also, in-home care eliminates the difficult and emotional task of moving a loved-one to an institutional setting.
Why should I choose Home Care Solutions?
The sole business focus is on providing exceptional live-in care for seniors. We are an independently owned and operated company. This allows for  personalized service to Clients, their family and our referral sources. HCS has the flexibility to be able to respond quickly and formulate immediate solutions to your needs.

Home Care Solutions is licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Comprehensive professional Home Care Agency — fully bonded and properly insured.

How do I know you are selecting the best caregiver for me?
Caregivers have chosen to be live-in professionals based on their successful work history of establishing relationships and providing quality care — important characteristics to consider so that seniors may remain in their own homes.

Home Care Solutions takes great care to match the right caregiver for each Client. Staffing Coordinators and the Director of Nursing work closely with Clients to make a thoughtful Home Health Aide selection, one that is sensitive to your needs while all staff work with you and your family to ensure a successful partnership. Clients and HHA’s are matched based on  specific Client needs and considering the Home Health Aide’s areas of expertise, personality, availability and the physical requirements to provide care.

What do HCS services include?
Flexible and tailored to meet your individual needs, our live-in Home Health Aide services include:

  • An initial assessment by a Registered Nurse
  • Medications ordered and set up every two weeks by a Registered Nurse
  • 24/7 Home Health Aide care in the home
  • Quality Assurance — a QA supervisor to manage the HHA performance

Home Health Aides provide the following services:

  • Personal care including:  bathing; toileting; oral hygiene; shaving; hair, skin, foot and nail care, as well as dressing assistance
  • Walking assistance and transferring from bed or chair
  • Meal preparation and dining
  • Medication reminders
  • Household services to maintain a safe and clean environment
  • Laundry
  • Assistance with exercise programs to maintain flexibility and health
  • Transportation and escort service

In addition, staff provide:

  • Nurse supervisory visits and clinical assessments
  • Liaison service between the Client and the Client’s physician
  • Client and family support services
  • Assistance with discharge planning at the beginning and end of care
  • A collaborative, supportive relationship with other agencies involved in care (physical therapy, Medicare skilled visits, hospice and others)
  • Registered Nurse and Home Care Solutions Managers are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year for Client care concerns or emergencies
How much does it cost to have live-in care?
At Home Care Solutions, services are competitively priced. Unlike many agencies, we do not charge extra for weekends or scheduled medication set-ups. Please call our office for rates on either our single- or couples-service program.
However, if you find that your care needs are limited or you already have part-time care, we are now able to provide hourly care. Contact the office for details on this new program.
Does insurance or Medicare cover any of the cost?
Medicare and medical insurance usually only cover home care visits to address a skilled need such as wound care, some post-operative care, establishing a diabetic monitoring program, physical therapy, occupational therapy and some medication injections. Live-in care is considered custodial care. As such, Medicare and traditional medical insurance do not cover home care.  Services are considered private-pay, often supplemented by long-term care insurance (HCS assists with required LTC insurance claim documentation, a regular practice).
What geographic area does Home Care Solutions serve?
Home Care Solutions serves the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area as well as the St. Cloud area. 
Is a physician’s referral needed?
No, Clients do not need a physician’s referral to take advantage of our services. However, Clients do need to be “under the care” of a physician. This encourages continuity of care and assurance that each Client’s medical needs are being met.
What criteria do you use before hiring your caregivers?
Caregivers are matched with clients with the same careful consideration one would give to our own staff’s families.  
Home Care Solutions is committed to providing professional, qualified and reliable caregivers. Staff are industry certified, must have prior caregiving experience and have demonstrated a history of quality caregiving. Every employee has passed a background check and screening process. Only the most committed, reliable and compassionate candidates make it through this process. Once accepted, HHA’s are required to complete a rigorous orientation program, where candidates are further screened, evaluated and developed. Ongoing in-service training is also required. In addition, our Nurses perform bi-monthly supervisory visits and carefully monitor each Client’s Care Plan. Activities of the Home Health Aide are carefully recorded and documented to meet or exceed the State of Minnesota’s compliance and regulatory requirements. All HHA’s are certified, bonded and insured.
How many different caregivers will be helping me in my home?
Clients are typically assigned two caregivers to provide live-in care. Each week, the primary Home Health Aides rotate to ensure continuity of care and the opportunity to bond in a professional and friendly manner — a bond built on the respect for personal dignity and privacy.
How do you monitor Home Health Aide quality of care?
Home Care Solutions employs a Quality Assurance Supervisor whose primary responsibility is to make “unannounced” visits to Client homes in order to monitor and improve daily activities of the Home Health Aides.
HCS keeps in regular contact with caregivers. Check-in calls discuss: Client status / changes, menu planning, activities, concerns regarding the Client’s health and Care Plan, etc.

What happens if a Client needs a Care Manager to assist with complexities in their care?
Home Care Solutions’ Registered Nurses are trained to identify Clients who would benefit from professional Care Management.  Reputable providers of Care Management can be shared — referred so as to eliminate any conflict of interest.
How do I prepare for live-in Home Health Aide assistance?
A checklist can mailed or e-mailed to interested parties to provide specific information regarding preparation for a live-in caregiver. A separate sleeping area is required for the Home Health Aide.  Caregivers will assist with meal preparation for both Clients and themselves. Clients are to provide groceries for HHA meals.

What are the sleeping requirements for Home Health Aides?

Adequate sleep for HHA’s is essential in order to be alert during daytime hours. Per the U.S. Department of Labor, caregivers are required to have a total of eight hours of sleep each night, five of which must be uninterrupted sleep.

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